electronic cigarettes save lives

Smoking can definitely be a nasty habit to break. And it doesn’t choose any particular person – no matter your age or sex, you can get hooked to cigarette smoking. While of course there are a thousand things that you can put the blame one, the real heart of the matter is that cigarette smoking is not just a nasty habit. It can be quite bad for your health, too.  Aside from bad breath and yellowing teeth, there are serious illnesses one can get from smoking.  You even put the people around you in danger, too, with the ill effects of second-hand smoke. Chewing gum and nicotine patches sometimes just won’t cut it. Don’t fret anymore! Trade in your conventional cigarettes with an electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette or the e-cigarette is the latest device that could help you with your smoking habits.


How does the e-cigarette work? Basically, the electronic cigarette works by harnessing the technology behind atomization. As such, electronic cigarettes convert liquid nicotine into mist or vapor form which is the one that the user will inhale. This way, there’s no nasty smoky smell, ash or fire. An electronic cigarette is definitely a better alternative than the real one since it cuts down on the unwanted effects of smoking. Instead of smelly, nasty and tar filled smoke, electronic cigarettes deliver an odorless and smokeless dose of nicotine to users.


If this is your first time trying out an electric cigarette, there are a few things that you should know to ensure that you don’t waste your money on a less-than-desirable product. With the vast amount of available brands available in the market, it can be quite overwhelming to actually choose an electronic cigarette that you’d like. To help you find the best e-cigarette on the market, here are a few points that you should keep in mind:


Batteries. Consider how much you are going to use the e-cigarette, as this will be the best gauge on what type of batteries you need to look for. For those who smoke a lot, you might find that getting one with a rechargeable battery will suit you better. While these devices can be costlier than those which use regular ones, in the long run, you will find that it’s actually going to be much less expensive not to mention less hassle – no need to constantly change batteries. If you are more of an occasional smoker though, an electronic cigarette with regular batteries should suffice.


Say what?! Don’t be confused when a seller offers you a two-piece or three-piece electronic cigarette.

These are mainly the types of e-cigarettes, classified according to the number of pieces they are made up of. The two piece type is often composed of just the battery and atomizer with the cigarette cartridge. The three piece type on the other hand, comes with a separate piece for the atomizer and e-cigarette cartridge. Since some countries only carry certain parts for replacement, it’s actually best if you know which ones are more readily available in your area. Ask around and see which electronic cigarette types are available in your place – you wouldn’t want to get something that would be troublesome to use and replace!


Cartridge. Same as with knowing the type of electronic cigarette you are planning to purchase, knowing also about the cartridges they use is also quite important. Some e-cigarette brands might be easy to find while some can be quite challenging to do so. Since some are actually flavored, you might find also that you prefer a certain brand over the other. Take these into consideration before making your purchase.


Lastly, look for an electronic cigarette that has adequate nicotine levels. Smokers who use nicotine to calm their nerves might go for one with higher levels. Casual smokers who don’t care for the nicotine itself should be contented

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